The 16th of March you can vote for the City Council

Diemen is a fast growing municipality with over 31.000 residents as of January 1st 2021. Large housing projects such as those on Plantage de Sniep and Holland Park are the main reasons for the ever-increasing growth. The expectation is that Diemen will have 36.000 residents in 2025. Even though Diemen is almost completely surrounded by Amsterdam, it is still a totally different place. Despite the huge growth in housing, Diemen has still kept its main characteristics.

The liberal party of Diemen, the VVD, has in previous years committed itself to a more beautiful and better Diemen. We want make a special effort for our residents with vital professions. Residents that are often overlooked by other political parties, e.g. teachers, nurses and police officers. Diemen should not become a community that only houses people with a low or high income.

These are important issues on which the VVD has its own ideas. These ideas come forth from our liberal values. Such as freedom, responsibility, tolerance, justice and social equality.

One of those ideas is that the VVD wants to protect the independence and intimate character of Diemen. We want to use the areas that remain to facilitate services that fit the size of Diemen. Think of schools, sport, recreational facilities and more green.

The VVD is striving for a reduction of financial costs and regulations. Where possible we want to remove regulations and be critical of the implementation of new rules. The VVD is sticking up for all residents of Diemen. Be it the younger generation, or the older. In the pursuit of our goals, we utilize our strong national network. We rely on the strength of individuals, but those that need help will not be left alone.

Our main points for the coming 4 years:  

  • We make Diemen together, participation
  • Safety and Law Enforcement
  • More housing while conserving green
  • An achievable and affordable energy transition

In 4 years, we imagine an even greener Diemen near Amsterdam, a Diemen that preserved its independent and intimate character, a Diemen where there’s plenty of opportunities to live, work, exercise and relax. In order to realize that goal, a strong VVD is needed.

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